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Wooster R087 Roller End Cap Linzer RF200-3 4-Wire Cage Roller Frame Mintcraft CFA4641-11 Paint Roller Frames
For use with roller covers that don't include endcaps. Works with BR047 (Orgill SKU# 664.07374) Wide Boy and BR045 (Orgill SKU# 540.8307) Big Ben/Little Ben frames. Made of polypropylene. Plated 1/4" rod, threaded plastic grip. 6 mm rod diameter. Threaded grip.
Linzer RF100-11 Single Rod Mini Roller Frame Wooster F0010-9 5-Wire Cage Roller Frame Wooster BR006-9 5-Wire Cage Roller Frame
Standard single rod frame. Fits 4"and  6" cover. 11" length. Chrome-plated 5/16" shank. Galvanized 1/4" shank.
Wooster F0010-4 5-Wire Cage Roller Frame Linzer RF602-11 Single Rod Tight Spot Frame Linzer RF100-22 Single Rod Mini Roller Frame
5-wire cage, 5/16" chrome plated shank. Standard single 1/4" rod frame. Fits 6-1/2" and  7" cover. 11" length. Threaded handle Standard single rod frame.  Accepts both 4" and 6" covers. 22" length.
Linzer RF603-22 Single Rod Tight Spot Frame HANDLE MINI-ROLLER 12IN       Wooster MINI-KOTER Roller Frame
Our Price: $2.61
Standard single rod frame. Fits 6 1/2" and  7" cover. 22" length. Designed for use with both 4 Inch and 6 Inch mini roller covers features a durable steel frame with standard threaded handle. Ideal for tighter spaces while providing an extended reach. Threaded handle allows the addition of any standard extension pole if needed. Steel frame for strength with chrome plating to reduce the chance for rust. Use only with the closed-end 4" mini koter rollers. Plastic threaded grip. Galvanized 6mm wire shank frame.
Linzer RF200 4-Wire Cage Roller Frame FoamPRO 43 Trim Roller Linzer Pro Edge Shed-Free Mini Roller With Frame
Plated 1/4" rod, threaded plastic grip. For painting small areas like furniture, cupboards, cabinets, etc. For latex, acrylic, and alkyd paints. Doesn't leave unsightly fuzz, lint or seam marks. Foam conforms to surface irregularities and provides contour coverage. Will not "mat down". Has a "reservoir action" and carries most of the paint below the surface in thousands of tiny open cells. Less frequent "dipping" and less "spreading out" of paint. Cleans quickly and easily. For all gloss paints. For smooth surfaces. Shed resistant, white woven cover.
Mintcraft CFA9641-12 Paint Roller Frames FoamPRO 400 Double Mini Roller Frame With Internal Locking Clip Linzer MT200-11 6 High Density Shed-Free Mini Roller With Frame
6 mm rod diameter. Threaded grip. Universal shaft design. For use with 4" to 6-1/2" fabric and foam mini rollers with internal locking clip. Threaded grip handle for extension pole use. For gloss and semi-gloss paints. For smooth surfaces. High density foam.
Wooster JUMBO-KOTER Solvent Resistant Roller Frame Linzer RT413 Roller Frame and Cover Shur-Line 3400S Mini Trim Roller
Works with both 4-1/2" or 6-1/2" Jumbo-Koter roller cover and use the same frame for both. Solvent-resistant plastic cage with extra-smooth rolling action. Chrome-plated 1/4" shank. Full-size polypropylene grip with reinforced threads. Sherlock GT compatible. With covers. Plastic handle. Threaded for use with extension pole. Trim and Touch-up Roller and Frame designed for smooth and semi-smooth surfaces in small and hard-to-reach areas in between door frames, in kitchens and bathrooms. Use with roller refill covers Orgill SKU# 616-1855.
Mr Longarm 0203 Extension Pole Adapters ROLLER W/14IN FRM 6-1/2X1/2IN Mintcraft CFB9651-12 Paint Roller Frames
Use with all `Mr. Longarm' extension poles and taper fitting accessories. Use with all paints. Can be used for hard to reach areas. Semi-rough surfaces. High capacity knit. Works with 6-1/2 x 1/2" roller covers. 6 mm rod diameter. Threaded grip w/metal ferrule.
Wooster Deluxe Shed Resistant Mini Trim Roller Linzer Economy Roller Frame and Cover Mintcraft CFG9851-13 Paint Roller Frames
Shed-resistant white cover for all paints. F0009-3" Acme roller frame. Refill with R282-3" (SKU# 412.5530) roller 2-pack. With covers. Plastic handle. Threaded for use with extension pole. 8mm rod diameter. Plastic threaded grip w/metal ferrule.
Wooster 501 Cage Style Roller Frame ROLLER W/14IN FRM 6-1/2X1/4IN Wooster JUMBO-KOTER Golden Flo High Capacity Frame and Cover
Blue polypropylene endcaps. Galvanized 1/4" shank. Soft, blue Shergrip threaded handle for extension pole use. Use with enamels and all paints. Can be used for hard to reach areas. Shed resistant.  Very smooth to smooth surfaces. 6-1/2" x 1/4". High-capacity yellow fabric for fast "no-skip" coverage with all flat paints, stains, and sealers. Good density to resist matting for smooth results. The RR013 frame with solvent-resistant plastic cage provides extra-smooth rolling action. The full-size polypropylene grip has reinforced threads and is "Sherlock GT" compatible. 14" overall length.
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